About our Foundation Collection


The inspiration for the Foundation collection is simple: a focus on food and bringing people together. It's offered in three glaze colors: white, light blue and green. The clay body we use for this collection is a speckled stoneware in which the speckles are visible through the glaze with varying prominence depending on the glaze you decide on.

The white glaze is the most classic option and an excellent base for colorful meals. It is a clean look with warm undertones. This glaze gives the piece a medium sheen and often impact the speckles with a gentle blurring effect at the face or base of the vessel.

The blue glaze claims a calming mealtime experience anytime. The speckles shine through this gentle color while expressing a medium gloss finish.

The green glaze provides that pop of color your dinning table has been pinning for. Though it's more non-traditional, the green tone we use naturally pairs well with food. The speckles take a backseat to this high gloss glaze with a rich green shade that just doesn't quit. Your meals will thank you.

We are offering each piece for individual purchase along with options for purchasing sets at a discounted rate, including: The Full Setting, Standard Setting, Sweeter Setting, and Mug set. The Full Setting includes: Dinner Plate, Salad Plate & Everyday Bowl. The Sweeter Setting includes the Sweeter Bowl & Sweeter Plate along with the Mug. The Full Setting includes all of the above. The fourth bundle is the Mug Set of 4, which is a grouping of four mugs. We also offer serving platters ideal for impressive food displays and as gifts that make a grand statement. 

We keep things simple but elegant, with a little bit of fun. The meal is about the food you make and the company you keep, which means we are in the business of enhancing those experiences with the intentionally and beauty of handmade products. We know Table Arts, so all you need to do is find a reason to gather all your loved ones. We love celebrating everything!