hello! we are chrislyn clay, a ceramics studio based in atlanta, georgia. handmade pottery is our passion, and we love to celebrate life around the table. we believe that Your morning cup of coffee is as special as hosting a dinner party for friends, and that washing the dishes should be a pleasure rather than a chore. 


Chrislyn Clay is on a journey to redefine how we use and enjoy ceramics. We have an affinity for the process and artistry of making pottery, and we also believe that the objects we interact with daily should be well-made, timeless, functional and beautiful. All of the pieces you find here are handmade with careful attention and affection. We see tableware as an opportunity for art to be a constant and accessible interaction—which is why we call it table arts.

We are determined to offer you pottery that adds to the quality of your life, and we are delighted to share Chrislyn Clay Table Arts with you.